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ProRxBrokers offers assistance to pharmacists who are buying and selling pharmacies. Reach out to us if you're a new graduate looking to purchase your first pharmacy or if you're an experienced pharmacy owner who is looking to retire. We provide a confidential pharmacy brokerage service and protect your business interests. Building trust is important to us, and you can rely on our integrity. In a truly successful business transaction, there's a satisfied buyer and a satisfied seller, and that's our ultimate goal as a pharmacy broker.

Our expertise is in connecting buyers with sellers and finding the perfect match. We accomplish this using our extensive knowledge of the pharmacy industry. Both buyers and sellers can have the utmost confidence that we work towards a mutually beneficial outcome. We help buyers choose the right property at the right price, and we maximize the return on a seller's investment of years of hard work. Rely on us to make your transaction as seamless as possible from beginning to end. Contact us to learn more about our pharmacy brokerage in Knoxville, TN.

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Pete Crabtree, Pharmacy Broker, Knoxville, TN

ProRxBrokers helps pharmacists buy their own pharmacies. We work with the buyer and the seller to create a win-win situation for both parties while taking care of the pharmacy's existing employees. When a proper match is achieved, we offer the additional service of recommending an attorney to complete the transaction. We have more experience with chain drugstores than most other brokers do.

Our owner and principal consultant, Pete Crabtree, D.Ph., has more than 33 years of experience as a pharmacist. He is licensed to practice pharmacy in Kentucky and Tennessee, and he is a proud member of our local business and professional association.

Pete Crabtree has worked for chain drugstore pharmacies, in operational and corporate management, and in pharmacy acquisitions. He's been bringing buyers and sellers together since 2001.  Pete has successfully completed over 400 transactions in that time period.

For sellers, Mr. Crabtree can maximize your business value and provide a variety of options with the goal of preserving your legacy. Everything he offers is designed to benefit both the buyer and the seller and to ensure the continuity of the pharmacy profession. Take advantage of his considerable expertise and enjoy a new and exciting future.

Operational Consulting for
maximum results

We provide operational consulting services and offer experience in all aspects of pharmacy operations, including working with distressed companies. Services include providing all areas of pharmacy consulting, including co-operations, competitive environment, computer systems, pricing, wholesaling, and management. Additionally, we consult with you about all areas of store operations such as locations, competitions, PC systems, inventory management, marketing, personnel, and multiple additional service areas.

*Pharmacy Operations Analysis
*Competitive Environment Analysis
*Profit/Loss Analysis
*Personnel Optimization
*Process Automation
*Inventory Management
*Marketing Strategies
*SOP Creation (Standard Operating Procedures)
*Distressed Company Management
*Efficiency of Operations Management
*Maximizing of Profits


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