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Pharmacy Sellers


ProRxBrokers offers our services to independent pharmacy owners who are looking to transition to a different stage of life. If you're thinking about retirement, if you want a lifestyle change, or if you wish to sell for any other reason lets us help. Our goal is to maximize the value of your investment and all the work you've put into your pharmacy. Contact us today to sell a pharmacy in Knoxville, TN.

Small Chains

If you have a small chain and you're interested in selling your stores, we can help you as well. Our pharmacy consultant has decades of experience with chain drugstore companies.

Your Valuation

Since we specialize as a pharmacy brokerage, and our consultant is an experienced pharmacist, we have the knowledge and expertise required to understand the value of your pharmacy. You receive a fair and true valuation, taking into consideration supply and demand.

Collecting Information & Confidentiality

Our goal is to find the ideal buyer for your pharmacy, and we only present qualified candidates. So we work with you to find an agreeable selling price, and we gather the information that potential buyers want to see. Your confidential information is kept private while the transaction is being finalized.

Pharmacist Looking at a Pill Box, Sell A Pharmacy, Knoxville, TN

Negotiating With Buyers

Let us negotiate with the buyer on your behalf and work with their legal counsel. We can also recommend an experienced attorney for you. Our consultant guides your transaction from the beginning of the sale process right through to inventory day. We walk you through the entire process of selling your pharmacy.